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Armor Express - Light Hawk PC - Plate Carrier


Price: $481.99

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Armor Express - Light Hawk PC - Plate Carrier

If you have a chest measurement larger than a 52inch you may fall into Super Sizing.
If you are Super Size, please call in for pricing or we will follow up with you after your purchase for any additional costs.

Light Hawk PC - Plate Carrier

The entirely new LighthawkTM Tactical Series from Armor Express was designed with four distinct areas of focus in mind: Ergonomics, Scalability, Interoperability, and Functionality. With four separate models to choose from the LighthawkTM Series. Featured here is the PC (Plate Carrier). Rapidly enhance your level of ballistic protection with the new Armor Express LighthawkTM PC, a heavy duty yet streamlined “Plate Carrier” with unmatched features. Perfect for active shooter response situations, the LighthawkTM PC provides protection every Patrol Officer should have access to.

There are 3 others in the Lighthawk TM Series which are the CBA (Concealable Body Armor), LT (Light Tactical Vest), and XT (Extended Tactical Vest). Please see our other pages to view these. No matter what your mission, the LighthawkTM Tactical Series will exceed your personal armor needs. Scroll to bottom of this page to see the Lighthawk PC.
    Standard Features
  • Dynamic Cummerbund System with 6”x10”.
  • Soft armor pockets.
  • Quick Release Cable System.
  • MOLLE Webbing Platform.
  • 3-Dimensional Spacer Mesh Lining.
  • Removable Sling Hooks.
  • Front and Rear Hard Armor Plate Pockets.
  • Front Utility Pouch.
  • Custom ID Tag Attachment Points.
    Optional Accessories
  • Shoulder Flanks with Integrated Ballistic Collars.
  • Retractable Pull-Up Nape Protector.
  • Removable Throat Protector.
  • Structured Deltoid Protectors with built in Pen / Pencil Holder.
  • Retractable Pull-Down Groin Guard.
  • Custom ID Tags.
A free range of motion can be crucial to the success of your mission. This is why Armor Express took a number of human engineering factors into consideration when we designed the LighthawkTM Tactical Series. As a result, they were able to achieve enhanced mobility while still maintaining the highest level of comfort and coverage for the operator. With new innovations like our Dynamic Cummerbund System, the LighthawkTMs expand and contract with each breath. The addition of structured deltoid protectors provide for a full range of motion in the shoulder, the most flexible joint in the human body, while enhancing, not sacrificing, the area of coverage. The use of newly advanced materials allow for more form fitting armor that lays flush against the body’s dynamic shape. Finally, compared to our traditional tactical armor, we have doubled the size range to ensure the best fitting gear possible.

There is no one vest that is perfect for every mission. Depending on the situation, threat assessments and operational strategies change, and your gear should too. With the new LighthawkTM Series you are able to scale your team’s level of protection up or down as circumstances dictate. Start out with basic front and rear soft armor panels and scale up to full blown tactical coverage for high risk encounters. Our complete kit of modular ballistic accessories includes: Shoulder Flanks with Integrated Ballistic Collars, retractable pull-up Nape Protector, Throat Protector, Structured Deltoid Protectors, and a retractable pull-down Groin Guard.

Every Armorer, Quartermaster and Team Leader knows the inventory management nightmares associated with issuing multiple lines of equipment. When parts and pieces do not mix and match, all kinds of gear coordination problems occur. That’s why our complete kit of modular ballistic accessories is interchangeable across the LighthawkTM Tactical Series. With the ability to share items from one model to the next, the LighthawkTM Series gives users more capability than ever before.

Loaded with a slew of new and innovative features the LighthawkTM Tactical Series offers unsurpassed functionality. The quick release system gives you the option of setting up the vests for instantaneous removal. The use of a 3-dimensional spacer mesh lining provides outstanding heat and moisture management capability to keep you cool. The new and improved removable Sling Hooks (Patent Pending) keep the rifle sling off of the operator’s neck. Front and rear plate pockets accommodate hard armor inserts, while a built in rear hydration pocket accommodates personal hydration bladders. A front utility pouch is perfect for your important documents, and a pen holder on the deltoid protector keeps a writing utensil always within reach. These are just some of the many features you will find in the new LighthawkTM Tactical Series, in which function is the name of the game.

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