A Family-Owned US Company, Leading Innovation For Over 80 Years

For four generations, the Blauer family has set the standard for public safety apparel in the United States. Through continuous innovation in materials, design, and engineering, working closely with those who use their products in the field, the Blauers have helped to ensure that those who protect their communities are protected on the streets.

With a full suite of offerings from apparel, footwear, outerwear, accessories, and more (including high-performance, breathable CBRNE/HAZMAT ensembles), there's a Blauer product for every need. The Blauer family thanks you for over 80 years of support and your service to your community, and looks forward to working with professionals like you to continue to redefine what's possible for public safety and tactical uniforms and more.

Throughout the Blauer history, the family has helped to define many of the standards which are now in place to protect public safety professionals throughout the United States. Our innnovation and contribution to the concept of functionalism in features and styling is extensive and looks back over the decades of service we have undertaken on the part of the community which serves their public. Some of those contributions are outlined below and to the right, part of a tradition which continues today of providing only the best in apparel, outerwear, footwear, accessories, and more to those like you who are out protecting their constituents every day.


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Blauer 100% Polyester Armorskin XP
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Blauer 100% Polyester Armorskin, XSS French Blue 8370
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