Gator Hawk HeliX IIIA Concealable Body Armor Vest, size LR, DoM 9/2013

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Gator Hawk HeliX IIIA Concealable Body Armor Vest, size LR, DoM 9/2013

This vest is a display sample, still in plastic and is in near-mint condition with no noticeable wear. All panels are still inside the 5-year warranty window.

For the officer that demands extreme comfort, the GH HeliX was designed to offer exceptional wearability by delivering a lightweight and flexible solution while meeting the rigorous NIJ Standard-0101.06. A hybrid construction of Spectra Shield® and Goldshield® materials, the flexibility of the package is apparent from the first touch. The GH HeliX is the first and last choice when the requirement for comfort is absolute.

Standard Features:

  • Certified to NIJ Standard-0101.06
  • Hybrid Spectra Shield® and Goldshield® design yields GH’s lightest and most flexible Level IIIA package
  • GH’s exclusively patented ProTect™ internal ballistic desiccant system with increased moisture management for durability of performance
  • Water-resistant ballistic panel cover with heat-sealed seams for extra protection
  • Poly-cotton carrier lined with moisture-wicking fabric for coolness and comfort
  • Both front and rear carrier pockets accept 5x8” and/or 8x10” soft, hard or STTP plates.
  • Has both 6-point and 4-point removable strap fastening systems.
  • Includes 5x8” soft or hard trauma plate standard.
  • Weight 1.00 psf
  • Thickness 0.32"

Ballistic Performance at Certification:

  • .357 Sig New V50 1805 fps
  • .357 Sig Conditioned V50 1905 fps
  • .357 Sig New RPI 1805 fps
  • .357 Sig Conditioned RPI 1905 fps
  • .44 Mag New V50 1594 fps
  • .44 Mag Conditioned V50 1609 fps
  • .44 Mag New RPI 1594 fps
  • .44 Mag Conditioned RPI 1609 fps