JayPee Garrison Belt 1-3/4 inch Plain Leather

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Garrison Belt 1-3/4" Plain Leather

JayPee's Garrison Belt is a heavy duty work belt 1.75" wide, made from bonded leather with a metal buckle. Three snaps located at buckle end of belt allow the buckle to be changed and hold belt buckle in place.

Garrison belts are used by law enforcement personnel, first responders, and civilians alike. They provide reliable load-bearing strength without the weight and bulk of a police duty belt, making them well-suited to carrying a firearm or other equipment short of a full patrol officer's loadout.

Please take into account that the belts sizes are the actual length of the belt. (Example: if you are waist 34, you will need to get size 38 or 40 in order for it to fit comfortably). 


  • Has 5 holes for adjustment
  • Unisex
  • Width: 1.75"