Safariland Model 290 Double Cuff Pouch, Faux Basketweave, Black w/ Chrome

Product Code: SF-290H-1-4

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Model 290åÊLeather-Look Synthetic BasketweaveåÊBlackåÊDouble Handcuff Pouch w/ Chrome Snap

Keep two pairs of chain or hinged cuffs close and ready to use with the spacious Double Handcuff Pouch from Safariland. The deep pouch size also accommodates oversized handcuffs for detaining larger suspects. A firm snap closure keeps contents secure, while still allowing for access rapidly when needed. The case is constructed from Safariland's signature SafariLaminate, guaranteeing lasting durability. The material is moisture-resistant, impervious to blood-borne pathogens and will not deteriorate over time like other materials.


  • Safarilaminate construction
  • Fits up to 2-1/4" belts
  • Finish: Plain (PL), Basketweave (BW) or High Gloss (HG)
  • Blood-borne pathogen and moisture resistant for lasting durability
  • Fits: Two Pair of Standard Size Chain Cuffs (Peerless, S&W, Fury Tactical and Safariland)