BAO Tactical AR500 Steel Plate, Level III Standalone, 10x12, Single Curve

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Level III AR500 Steel Core Hard Armor Plate

BAO's steel plate measures approximately .25” thick (with base coat) with a weight of 7.875 lbs in a 10×12 shooter's cut configuration. These plates address law enforcement departments looking for an ASK (Active Shooter Kit) option and Fire/EMS departments looking for an affordable yet durable Level III compliant plate option, addressing threats as high as 7.62x51/.308 @ 2780 ft/s @ 15 meters. These plates offer a 20-year warranty.

Fits into the rifle plate pocket of your plate carrier, tactical entry vest, or compatible overt body armor carrier. 


  • A stand alone armor plate with multiple hit capability
  • Manufactured from certified AR500 steel with a Brinnell Hardness Rating of 505-518BHN
  • Protective base coating protects steel from elements and excessive wear and tear
  • Size: 10"x12"
  • Weight: 7.875 lbs.
  • Single Curve
  • Laser cut
  • Fully tested by an independent laboratory to Level III compliance
  • Rated for up to six hits from 7.62mm NATO bullets (.308 Winchester) with velocities up to 2780 fps
  • Made in the USA
  • 20 year warranty

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