Buffalo Armory 647 NIJ III (Rated III+) Steel Plate

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Buffalo Armory 647 NIJ III (Rated III+) Steel Plate

Unless in stock, this plate will average a 4-week lead time.

The Buffalo Armory 647, world class NIJ III (Rated III+) body armor plate and 20% lighter than the previous Star 555. These body armor plates provide better value and durability relative to composite alternatives with multi-hit capability.

Buffalo Armory steel has you covered like no other product on the market today. They dedicate themselves to making more than just armor, as passionate advocates for what will serve Patrol, EMT and Fire personnel best in the field. Through their own independent testing, their warranty will always stand between them and an emergency. Having the right kind of armor, means the difference between uncertainty and knowing they are prepared.


  • Model No: STAR647
  • Size: 10" X 12"
  • Cut: Shooter's Cut
  • Curve: Single
  • Thickness: 13/64 or 5mm
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs
  • Threat Level: NIJ III 0101.06 Certified (Rated III+)

Special Threats - Level III+ Protection

All tested and defeated:
  • 5.56mm x 45mm M193
  • 5.56mm x 45mm M855 / SS109 steel penetrator (Green Tip)
  • 7.62mm x 39mm 123 gr steel core
  • 7.62mm x 51mm M80
  • NATO (.308)
  • All types of handguns


  • 10 Years from Manufacture Date.

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