Safariland 6x8 Blunt Force Trauma Pad (All Colors)

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Used Safariland 6x8 Soft Blunt Trauma Pad

Reduces blunt trauma by effectively dispersing the energy from a bullet impact.

Ten times stronger than steel, this trauma pad inserts into the front pocket of the carrier to adsorb and disperse trauma. Constructed with soft, laminated ballistic fabric.

Do not expect that your trauma pad will be NIJ certified Level II. The vast majority of these are not NIJ certified for any level.

Note: Many of these are Safariland-owned brands, but they are a random assortment and the one you get could be branded differently. Sizes may vary just slightly as well.


  • Measures: roughly 6 x 8 inches
  • Thickness: roughly .222 inches

*This is a non-standard size trauma pad, so ensure that it will fit your vest before purchase. Most vests take a 5x8 pad in the internal pocket, although 6x8 pockets do exist. If you need a 5x8 pad, we have many of those to choose from.

This item is not intended to offer ballistic protection. It is only for blunt force trauma protection.

If you have any questions, please message us for assistance.