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Body Armor Outlet Events, 2012 to 2017



2017 Photo Shoot for Homeland Heroes Foundation Motorcycle Ride - April 29, 2017

Salem NH PD2017 HHF Motorcycle Ride Photo ShootSalem NH Fire Dept

Body Armor Outlet, along with the Salem Fire Department and Salem PD Motorcycle Unit convened in the BAO parking Lot for a promotional photography shoot in preparation for The Homeland Heroes Foundation's upcoming 2017 Motorcycle Ride on July 8th, 2017 to help needy veterans and their families. The HHF is a New Hampshire based nonprofit charity that assists active duty military, veterans, and their families in a variety of ways. They maintain 2000 square foot donation center in Hudson, NH that is set up like a store and is regularly visited by veterans who are in need of furniture, mattresses and other household items. They are supported by many NH business, such as Body Armor outlet but also Canobie Lake Park, The Wine Steward, WineNot Boutique, SI2 Technologies, Inc. and many individual contributors statewide. Sign up to attend the Motorcycle Ride as either a rider or the festivities here at BAO at noon!

Exploring the Fire Truck2017 HHF Motorcycle Ride InfoV Formation HHF Shot

CT Chief’s Exposition at the Aqua Turf Club, Plantsville, CT - April 20th, 2017

One of my favorite expo’s, not the largest but always a great event and this year was no different….despite a rough start. But good things come to those who work for them, after overcoming a blown water-pump at 0430 BAO finally made it to the show a little after 1000. After a few quick shuttle runs I go the both set up just in time to talk with a lot of agencies about armor options, active shooter kits and our newest line AVON Protection. In fact, I even made a quick appearance on Channel 8.

CT Chief’s Expo

Point Blank Shield Training: Tewksbury Police Range - April 5th & 6th, 2017

Tewksbury Police Patch What a privilege it was to watch Mike Ott and Mark Albaugh from Point Blank put officers from through their paces during two days of shield training.

We started slow and progressed dynamically throughout the day. By the end of the day during a timed event, each officer armed with an Aspis Shield in hand was effectively moving and clearing, firing both primary and secondary weapons from each platform that the Aspis provides. It was exhilarating to see them firing from standing and kneeling positions, moving forward, backward, and sideways while performing tactical reloads with both sidearm and rifle, all while maintaining accurate round placement with a shield in the other hand. These guys were really working as a team!

2017 Point Blank Shield Training

2017 Point Blank Shoot & Scoot: Regional CT SWAT Team at CT State Police Range - March 24th, 2017

Point Blank Shoot & Scoot: Regional CT SWAT Team, 3/24/2017

CT State Police Range

CT State PoliceThe best way to judge any tactical vest is just to wear it, and I’ve found that one of the best times to put it through its paces is at the range for what I like to call a “Shoot & Scoot”. Mike Sheedy from Point Blank and I met the team at the range with a about a half a dozen vest samples to pass around and gave the guys an opportunity to don the vests and shoot and move. They loved the range of motion and feel of the Alpha Elite ballistics. It turned out to be a fun and educational time for all and we look forward to doing more of these in the future!


2016 Connecticut SWAT Challenge - August 22-25, 2016

CT SWAT challenge logo 1 2016 CT SWAT Challenge CT SWAT challenge logo 2

This year BAO made our return to the 12th Annual Connecticut SWAT Challenge, and man, was it great to be back! As we expected it was a great event, but then if there was ever a group you’d expect to be squared away it would be this bunch. The Event Director, Lt. Jeremy Clark, his Deputy Director Lt. Chris Chappell, and their support staff and dozens of volunteers had this on lockdown, kept a bunch of crazy vendors in line and stuck to the schedule. As a vendor, we had a constant stream of team members, officers and even attendees walking by our booth and engaging us. It was great to see teams from all across the northeast showing up to raise the bar and give it their all. It was also great to see a lot of families in attendance as well as Police Explorer Units. All in all, this was my favorite event of the year (well… it’s hard to beat the SHOT Show) and we’re already formulating a plan for next year to make sure BAO leaves having made an even bigger impression.

2016 CT SWAT: Doug

2016 CT SWAT Morning Ceremonies

2016 NH Chiefs of Police Public Safety Expo - June 2, 2016

I always love going to this show because of the people. It’s like a family reunion where the Chief’s play the part of that Aunt at family functions who pinches your cheek and reminds you of when you were just a wee lad. This year it was especially great to watch Matthew Gage working his first trade show, to see him interacting with clients and hear from them how he’s doing. There was a good turn out from both participants and vendors…can’t wait to see what it’s like next year!

2016 NH Chiefs of Police Public Safety Expo

2016 Hesco Bone Frog Challenge - May 21, 2016

Jim Filek and his son examine the course.

I was very fortunate to be able to participate in this year’s HESCO Bone Frog Challenge, what an amazing time! It was great to put myself to the test and with only a month to get ready it was going to be a real challenge. Not finishing wasn’t an option, and I had I had a fantastic motivator…my son running with me. Well, he ran with me till I slowed him down too much. In the end it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, but to have this experience with my son at my side (mostly) is what I’m mostly thankful for. I cannot wait till next year, racing against myself… and bonding with my son.

2016 BoneFrog Challenge

Connecticut CPCA Public Safety Expo - April 21, 2016

Great show, but where’s the grand entrance? The 2016 CT Chiefs of Police is always a good show, but I have to say that having a Huey land in the parking lot to start the 2015 Show was a tough act to follow in 2016. All in all it was good show with some solid introductions being made and appointments set. With the recent addition of our new rep for the State of Connecticut I’ve got high expectations for 2017!

2016 CT Chiefs of Police Show

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Trade Show - April 6, 2016

We had another great showing at this year’s Massachusetts Chief of Police Expo. With Chris Drake being away for military training, it was up to Sebastian and myself (Jim) to step up and represent BAO this year. This was my fourth year at the MACOP, however this was Sebastian’s first Chief’s Expo. I think the kid is hooked! And considering the effort he put forth he may find himself behind the table more often.

2016 MACOP


Massachusetts Major City Chiefs Association and MPTC Conference - Sept 14-15, 2015

Mass Major City Chiefs logo

More than 125 Police Chiefs got together this past weekend to show that annual training doesn’t end when you take the big chair. Over the course of two days they covered a number of topics that face today's Chiefs of Police. From the rural to urban, large or small town, the role of the office is ever changing, and with that comes to the need to meet and discuss shared topics of interest and concern as well as group training and learning. BAO is excited to be one of the few vendors invited to attend and to support the organization on an ongoing basis.


BAO Shoot at the Chester Rod & Gun Club - August 21, 2015 

The BAO team took a well deserved break to enjoy shooting at the Chester Rod & Gun Club in Chester, New Hampshire. We all got to enjoy shooting and training with a variety of firearms for both the seasoned shooters of team, as well as the novices in the team that were less experienced. All in all, we had a great time and wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to the Chester Rod & Gun Club for having us.

2015 BAO Shoot at the Chester Rod & Gun Club

NH Chiefs of Police Show at the Radisson Hotel - June 5, 2015

NH Chiefs of Police Show 2015We love the NH Chiefs' Show... it’s like coming home. We had a ton of traffic at our booth and it was great to see everyone again. We doubled our space this year, yet still felt like we needed more room. It was great to get Adam Lee out to the show and introduce him to those he hadn’t met yet. Adam has already made a lot of great contacts and built a lot of sound relationships within the area, however this was his first time at the show. We had a lot of great new equipment to demo and even fit a few vests at the show. At the end of the day this was yet another successful NH Chiefs' Expo and we’re really looking forward to next year, which will be even bigger!


Point Blank Shoot at Sig Sauer Academy - May 7, 2015

PB Shoot panorama

Any day at the range is a good day and today was no exception. We talk about what ballistics can do every day around here and with our customers. It’s great to take the opportunity to get out on the range with a few ballistic samples and throw some rounds down range. We all know it will do its job, but we like to get out there and start putting special threat rounds down range and push the ballistics. And to have your host be the Sig Sauer Academy… you know it’s going to be a great event.

2015 Point Blank Shoot at Sig Sauer Academy

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Trade Show - April 1, 2015

As with previous years, this 2015 MA Chiefs of Police Conference did not disappoint. It was Chris Drake’s first MACOP, so it was great to see him in 'beast mode' - fully embracing the opportunity to present at the biggest show in his territory. This is always a great show; we get to see a lot of old friends and introduce ourselves to many new ones. As our company grows and we expand it’s always enjoyable to bring new products to market as we expand our portfolio. It’s great to have an event like this during Spring to gets us in gear for a great year.

2015 MA Chief Of Police

2015 SHOT Show: Sands Expo and Convention Center January 20-23, 2015

SHOT Show 2015 was quite an experience this year - productive and fast-paced. A full meeting schedule with manufacturers old and new, renewing and strengthening existing relationships and starting new ones to expand our scope of offerings.  It was great to not only see the latest and greatest from our marquee brands, but to see the smaller vendors - the little guys working on some innovative concept. We left Vegas excited about our expanded capacity to get the job done for our agencies and looking forward to continued growth in 2015. As always, we found a way to mix in a little fun.

Life is all about balance, after all.

2015 SHOT Show


NETOA (New England Tactical Officers Association) RI Omni Hotel - Sept 3-5, 2014

Body Armor Outlet attended the New England Tactical Officers Association 2014 Tactical Conference in Rhode Island. This years' NETOA was yet another success, not only from a vendor standpoint, but the instructional classes and debriefs were on point. It is great to see the support the association received by the attendance of teams and representatives outside the NETOA are of operations... operators from New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, and the Bahamas. It was an honor to be a part of this event and we are eagerly looking forward to next years' NETOA Conference.

2014 PA Chiefs of Police Conference

PA Chiefs of Police Conference - July 13th & 14th, 2014

Body Armor Outlet attended the 2014 Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Conference. The annual conference was held at the Radisson Valley Forge in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. It was an honor to be a part of one of the largest law enforcement networks in the region. Our own Adam Lee was surprised to meet Benjamin Franklin and Betsy Ross when they stopped by. In this picture Mr. Franklin is posing for a picture with our BAO Catalog in hand! 

2014 MA Chief of Police

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Trade Show - April 2, 2014

Body Armor Outlet attends the 2014 Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Trade Show at The Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Marlborough, Massachusetts. We enjoy doing this event each year, because it's a great opportunity to talk with the head brass in Massachusetts while at the same time connecting with the men and women of law enforcement there about what is needed in the field to answer the call of duty. We appreciate what they do for us, so we strive to find ways to better serve the ones that help to protect us.

2014 SHOT Show

2014 SHOT Show: January 14-17, 2014

Point Blank Enterprises showed an expanded line of its Alpha Elite series NIJ Level II and IIIA tactical and concealable body armor systems at the 2014 SHOT Show. Alpha Elite armor is available in both concealable and tactical configurations. Point Blank says independent testing has confirmed that Alpha Elite is the lightest and highest performing NIJ 0101.06 body armor currently available. In addition to NIJ .06 certification, Alpha Elite Level II and IIIA products have passed the FBI’s test protocol.

2013 Connecticut SWAT Challenge


Connecticut SWAT Challenge: August 20-22, 2013

The CT SWAT Challenge 2013 was held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Aug. 20-22. The annual competition is hosted by the West Hartford Police at the Metacon Gun Club in Simsbury and in West Hartford. The event was started in 2005 and teams travel to compete from all over the Northeast U.S. and from Canada. The Connecticut State Police West Team won the challenge last year. SWAT teams from around the region participate in events including physical challenges and target shooting. Great job to each competitor!


Recognition of the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve: August 16th, 2013

Thank you to Bruce and David from the ESGR (Employer Support of the Reserve Guard and Reserve) for the Statement of Support. Any other employer should strongly consider this free program and help get our troops back to work.

2013 NHCOP Show

NH Chiefs of Police Tradeshow: June 13-15, 2013

The 2013 NH Chiefs of Police tradeshow was a great success. With both our lobby store and our tradeshow booth, we saw a great crowd from around the state and some from around New England. We had an opportunity to show some new products and the feedback was tremendous! We had a fantastic time sponsoring both the Thursday Night Welcome Party as well as the Friday Night Hospitality Suite. We hope the Chiefs enjoyed the welcome gifts provided, as our co-sponsors worked hard to make them the best gifts possible. We would like to thank Armor Express and ASP for co-sponsoring and donating to make the gifts as good as they were. Here's looking forward to next year!


Billy Yout Memorial Golf Classic: June 10, 2013

Another great year at the 2013 Billy Yout Memorial Golf Classic. Beautiful weather, good golf, delicious food, and all for an amazing cause. We were proud to be a sponsor of this event for a second year.


Visit to PB Factory: June 8-11, 2013

Visiting both of Point Blank Enterprise's factories in southern Florida was a great experience for all of us that attended. We got to see firsthand how armor is made from raw materials right down to the last stitch. We got an inside look at the inner workings of the both the factories as well as the office/admin side of Point Blank and finally getting a chance to put a face to the names. We got some extensive training on new products as well as a look inside the R&D and heard a few new great ideas and concepts that Point Blank is putting together. Overall it was a fun and educational experience for us all and we thank our hosts for having us!


Winni Dip - March 9, 2013

There were a few things that made New England Sales Manager for Granite State Police Supply Jim Filek start to think what he was about to do was a bad idea. Could have been the feel of snow under his bare feet or the rescue swimmers kicking away the ice that was forming atop the open water of Lake Winnipesaukee on a brisk March morning … or it could have been the mere presence of rescue swimmers. But soon enough there was no more time for second guessing decisions or commitments made … the first wave was going in. As he stood on the frozen sand wait for the countdown to reach one he found time to discuss “technique” with a fellow dipper.

“So… are we going for a full submersion here or what?” Jim asked.
“I think we kind of have to” was the response.
“… agreed.”
And just like that, the first wave of what would end up being over 100 “dippers” ran into the semi-frozen water.
“I think the key is to get in and out before your body decides to boycott the minds decision.” Jim said.

At the end of the day over $60,000.00 was raised for New Hampshire Special Olympics at the 13th Annual Winni Dip. And in what became a true testament to the old adage that “The anticipation is often worse than the actual event” everyone had a great time. Was it the camaraderie? Was it the personal satisfaction of being able to contribute in some way to such a fantastic organization as the Special Olympics? Was it the free snacks? According to Jim it’s all of the above … he has already committed to “dip” next year and has already recruiting additional dippers.


Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Trade Show - April 3, 2013

Body Armor Outlet attended the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association Trade Show at The Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Marlborough Massachusetts. It was yet another excellent opportunity to meet with some of the head brass in New England, collaborate with some of our vendors, and gain feedback from the brave men and women of law enforcement in New England about what they need in the field to answer the call of duty. It was an impressively presented trade show that we have enjoyed in the past, and aim to continue to do so in the future. Keep it up MCOPA!


SHOT SHOW 2013 - January 14-17, 2013

Members of the Body Armor Outlet team had the opportunity to attend the 2013 S.H.O.T Show at the illustrious Venetian Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas NV. With almost every major name in the industry in attendance, SHOT Show 2013 was a fantastic opportunity for our team to meet with some of the top names on the market today. No other trade show or expo could compare with the sheer size, grandeur and flawless organization that S.H.O.T Show presented. For every familiar face we encountered, we had the pleasure to meet a dozen more. When it comes to gathering all the best of the industry together, there couldn’t be a better place than SHOT Show.

In the past we have found this to be a valuable tool meeting with new potential vendors, as well as following up on most recent news and product from our current ones. By doing this we are on the cutting edge of the new state of the art new products, and this allows us to be updated for you our loyal customers who we appreciate.


AE Plate Shoot at Samson Manufacturing Facility - January 3, 2013 

Rifle Plate Solutions:
Getting a reliable, low-cost, heavy duty rifle plate has been an ongoing issue in this field.  Through a lot of research, I found that steel is the best answer for cost verse durability. Ceramic probably has the best properties for this type of protection, but, for active shooters that kick these plates around, ceramic can be compromised if they are dropped. Plus, steel can be alleled to achieve some really surprising properties.

The issue with steel is spalling. When the bullet strikes the face the leftover projectiles can cause some pretty serious damage. We decided to try a low-cost solution to alleviate this undesirable side effect. Our thought was to cover the plate in Aramid fibers so that the round will pass through them and the spalling would all be caught by the Aramid fibers.

We only wrapped the plate in one layer of the fibers and, looking at the first "test" model, you can see that it didn’t stop it all but, there was a significant improvement. It's definitely a step in the right direction. I believe that this can be done, we just have to find the correct way to fasten the fibers to the plate and the right amount of layers to achieve this. There will be more to come.




2012 NH Chiefs of Police Public Safety Trade Show - 2012


Point Blank Shoot of SP+2LE Ballistics at Manchester NH PD - Nov 15, 2012

We had a great day on the range. We visited the Manchester Police Department shooting range and put the newest and greatest level II vest by Point Blank Body Armor to the test – The SP+2LE (Vision). We had a great showing that day stopping over 70 rounds and NO penetration! Lunch was provided by Windham Deli located in Windham NH. All enjoyed with plenty left over for the hungry officers on duty.

Shot# Weapon Cartridge Velocity Result Other Notes
1-20 Para Ord 40 Cal Gold Dot 165 grain Avg. 1101 Stopped Manchester NH PD Duty Ammo
20-40 Para Ord 9 MM Rem. GS 147 Grain Avg. 909 Stopped  
41 Para Ord 9 MM Gecco 124 gr+P+ 1019 Stopped High Velocity Round
42 Para Ord 9 MM Aguila 65 grain 1554 Stopped High Velocity Round
43 Para Ord 9 MM Win Ranger 127 gr+P+ 1212 Stopped High Velocity Round
44 Norinco 7.62x25 S&B 85 gr FMJ 1352 Stopped High Velocity / Rare Weapon
45 FN 5.7 SS 196 1502 Stopped High Velocity / Rare Weapon
46 FN 5.7 SS 197 1652 Stopped High Velocity / Rare Weapon
47-61 Para Ord 45 Cal Rem GS 230 Grain Avg. 802 Stopped Placed in one inch grouping
62-66 Para Ord 45 Cal Rem GS 230 Grain Avg. 802 Stopped Contact shots
67 AMT 30 Cal Carbine Rem 110 Grain 1493 Stopped High Velocity / Rare Weapon
68-70 Para Ord 40 Cal Win 165 Grain 1090 Stopped Burlington MA PD Duty Ammo
71 Para Ord 40 Cal FED Frangible 135 Grain 1164 Stopped  


5.11 Breaching Tool Demo - July 24, 2012

Breaching isn't just bashing a door down or pure brute strength. There are some techniques and skills required to do it correctly and more efficiently with the right kind of tools. 5.11 Tactical has teamed up with SET (Swedish Entry Tools) to design the right tools for this job and they built a custom vehicle to demonstrate the tools and how to do it correctly.

Lars Ingesson has more than 25 years’ experience working with the Swedish HRT team and has been working as the lead instructor of the HRT breaching team since 2000. He's been working with S.E.T. helping them to design better tools for the job using high-end Swedish Alloy metals that will last a lifetime. He works with Tim Terry who is the federal sales manager at 5.11 Tactical and has many years of experience as a sheriff and a police officer in the Chesapeake VA area. Together, they prove that they can teach you the right skills with the tools that they designed to get the job done on their reusable door. They were able to teach us how to enter a dead-bolted, swing-in door in under 5 seconds. Practice makes perfect!