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PB Paraclete MSA IIIA w/ Force Field Tactical Vest. Black, mfg 2008, Lg Reg, NIJ .04

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PB Paraclete MSA IIIA w/ Force Field Tactical Vest. Black, mfg 2008, Lg Reg, NIJ .04 [BAOBF-25]
Paraclete MSA IIIA w/ Force Field Tactical Vest. Black, mfg 2008, Lg Reg, NIJ .04


Point Blank / Paraclete MSA ForceField Alpha Concealable Vest

  • Size: Large Regular
  • Color: Black
  • Length: 13 Inches
  • Material: Kevlar
  • Compliance: Meet 0101.04 and NIJ 2005 interim requirements
  • NIJ Level: IIIA

You can rely on MSA's concealable body armor-the ForceField Alpha Concealable Vest-for maximum comfort without sacrificing ballistic coverage. Our sizing, style, and inventive design features will raise your expectations of what a ballistic vest can – and should – be.; The latest flexible fabric technology gives you unsurpassed comfort in a ballistic vest.; Increased side coverage and limited slip of ballistic panels give you better protection.; The MSA-exclusive Armor-Latch Closure gives you reliable front-to-back overlap.; The versatile jersey-style carrier can be worn alone or with a T-shirt.; The MSA-exclusive Tri-T Comfort System pulls moisture away from your body and incorporates cooling technology, while reducing odor-causing bacteria.

Armor-Latch Closure:
The Armor-Latch Closure enhances body coverage and boosts your confidence while contributing significantly to the comfort of your full-wrap body armor.Your one-handed “forward pull'; adjustment easily secures a front-to-back panel overlap, automatically aligning front and back panels for proper side coverage and comfort. The aligned solid closure also permits independent movement of the front and back armor panels, so you have greater mobility.

The Tri-T Comfort System:
his transformation in body armor starts with a T-shirt-style carrier with several remarkable features that help manage your body heat. MSA's distinctive Tri-T construction integrates three innovations for your comfort and wearability.

  1. Comfortable Lycra-based material wicks moisture away from your body.
  2. The cooling layer draws away heat by changing its physical state.
  3. Anti-microbial treatment to reduce odor-causing bacteria.

Flex Panel Sizing:
The ForceField Alpha carrier also features MSA's unique Flex Panel sizing for better mobility and comfort. Three key measurements maximize vest coverage and provide a customized contoured fit of your vest to your body shape.

  • Anti-terrorist
  • Tactical teams
  • House-to-house search
  • Medical Personnel
  • Patrol
  • Security detail
  • Snipers
  • Hazards
  • Ballistics
  • Fragments

Impact Material:
MSA's XTG Series features KEVLAR Comfort XLT Fabric, the latest ballistic technology from DuPont Kevlar. This technology provides lightweight protection and comfort. Honeywell's GoldFlex Aramid laminate provides excellent mobility and stopping power.

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