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What Makes Us Different?

Over the years Body Armor Outlet’s focus has been on bringing the top names in the body armor industry to law enforcement agencies, officers and patrons across the country.

BAO’s buying power has awarded them leverage to work out incredible rates with manufactures across the country, allowing them to heavily discounted pricing to all it’s customers.

Body Armor Outlet is dedicated to keeping departments and officers on top of the ever progressing technology curve with new and groundbreaking products and equipment to keep them and our country safe and secure.


  • "The plates shipped out right away and the plates are high quality. I love them, you have got my business in the future."

    Kris Hedin

  • "Excellent shopping experience. I order one panel and decided I needed two. I emailed and was called within a couple of hours and was able to add the second panel without any hassle. I will definitely order again and recommend to friends."

    Dan Coleman

  • "Excellent customer service!"

    Larry Johnson

  • "Customer service is Outstanding. Their customer service responded fast via email with any questions and they help you with the right selection of what your looking for their BOA brand is lighter and fits better than the more advertised brands. Awesome company!"

    Gilbert Rocha

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I'm wearing body armor, can I still be killed by a bullet?

    Yes. Within the industry body armor is more commonly referred to as a ballistic resistant vest, because unfortunately nothing is 100% bulletproof. That being said, if your armor is equal to the task of the threat you are dealing with you should survive, provided the round strikes the protected area of the vest.

    Different levels of armor are rated for different threats. Wear armor appropriate to the situation you are going into. If you expect to deal with rifle threats, you should be donning rifle plates. If you are going to a pistol-only shooting range and are only concerned with poor range practices and ricochets, a concealable vest should be fine.

  • How do I clean my body armor?

    Often, we get asked how to how to clean body armor. Your concealable carrier will be machine washable, and most have wash instructions on them. Simply remove the panels from it and wash normally like any other apparel, following the manufacturer's instructions.

    The ballistic panels on the other hand are inadvisable to submerge in water, since moisture inhibits the ability of the ballistic fibers within to move easily against each other to quickly slow the projectile to avoid penetration.

  • What armor level do I need to be protected from rifle threats?

    For protection from rifle rounds like .223, .556, 7.62X39, .308, 30-06, and other long guns, you'll want to look into level III or IV hard armor plates. While these products are heavier and thicker than soft body armor, they stop vastly more powerful threats. The technology has advanced in the past few decades to make these vital products lighter, stronger, and more user friendly for the person who needs to protect themselves from high-powered rifles.

    See Body Armor Outlet's collection of Level IV plates and kits here.

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