Preventative and Protective Measures and Solutions

Joining the global war on the deadly Coronavirus, BAO offers comprehensive solutions to contain potential carriers. From Positive Air Pressure Respirators to protective clothing and equipment to safeguard the general population and the people working to save lives.

Coronavirus | Covid-19

Protection and Prevention

Masks and Face Shields

During a pandemic, natural disaster, or terrorist attack CBRN units and First Responders are put into dangerous situations. BAO sees its role as one of ensuring that front line workers are fully protected and 100% safe during these trying events.

BAO provides a full range of personal protective equipment and gear that allows emergency personnel to work in contaminated areas to minimize the harmful effects of any CBRN agents that may be present.

The use of reliable PPE isolates and prevents critical personnel from exposure to chemical, biological, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, and airborne particles that could cause illness or physical injuries.

Gowns and Body Covers

Gloves, Medical and Nonmedical

Hand Sanitizer & Wipes

Hand Sanitizer and Wipes