2 Monkey Cobrabraid Large Paracord Bracelet with Velcro

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Cobrabraid Large Paracord Bracelet with Velcro

Cobrabraid large sized bracelets are about ̴_‰ۡó� wide and contain 8-9 feet of paracord. Built for wrist sizes 7 ̴_‰ۡó�-8 ̴_‰ۡó� and include our CobrAdjust velcro closure for ‰ۡÌÝÌájust the right fit‰ۡó», these bracelets are ready for deployment when you need them!

Cobrabraid brand 550̴Ì_paracord̴Ì_and paracord gear is made with pride in the USA by a military contractor. We are the direct manufacturers and your products will be custom woven by one of our talented weavers. Our 550 paracord is tested and has a break strength of 550 pounds. The ultimate survival tool, you can depend on your cobrabraid when you need it most!