Lucky Shot .308 Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain

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.308 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain

Crack open a cool one with a Lucky Shot .308 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener Keychain. The bullet is decommissioned and real; it does not contain any gun powder or primer making it completely safe. The bullet cannot be used in a gun. Repurposing bullets as keychains and bottle openers is a perfect way to keep them out of landfills and in hands of people who support the Second Amendment.

Each Real Bullet bottle opener is proudly made in the USA. These make great gifts for Father‰ۡó»s Day, for attendants in a wedding party, and for retired and active soldiers. People stand up and take notice when you open your bottles with a Real Bullet keychain bottle opener. The keychain has a 1‰ۡó� diameter and the bullet itself is about 2‰ۡó� in length.

Because these bullets look real, we suggest not bringing them to school or on an airplane. It is also a good idea to keep these out of the hands of children under age 12 because some repurposed bullets might have some sealed lead components. Despite the warnings, the bullets are made of the casings only and are perfectly safe to carry on a daily basis.