Intersec & Ara-Shock 5x8 Special Threat Plates

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Intersec & Ara-Shock 5x8 Special Threat Plates

These special threat plates insert into the front pocket of the carrier to absorb and disperse trauma. Constructed of composite ballistic materials.

This is a common size special threat plate and will fit most vests. Measure your plate pocket first to ensure a proper fit. Also often usable as additional protection in ballistic cummerbunds as side inserts.


  • Absorbs impacts by effectively dispersing the energy from a bullet strike
  • Measures: 5 x 8 inches
  • Thickness: Roughly .375 inches
  • Many special threats listed

Although this item does not have a Level like most body armor, it offers true certified ballistic protection against specific threats when used in conjunction with Level llA Armor (Intersec) or Level ll Armor (Ara-Shock). See the plate label for more information.