Armor Express Evolution Level IIIA

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Evolution Level IIIA

About the Evolution Carrier:

The Evolution™ is Armor Express' proven carrier system. With an exterior microfiber nylon shell and an inner Breeze Knit™ lining, the Evolution™ offers resilience, comfort and breath-ability. The microfiber shell features both water repellency and anti-static treatments.

The Breeze Knit™ inner lining offers moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties. The inner suspension system and microfiber Wearstrip™ add durability and longevity to the carrier. Our patented easy grip side straps feature a two-finger grab point allowing users to easily disconnect the strap for donning and doffing. These straps also showcase a new zigzag stitch where the hook transitions into the elastic. This addition results in a very smooth strap with exceptional strength.

The Wearstrip™, which is located on the lower inside lining of the carrier, works to prevent deterioration of the carrier along the bottom edge as the vest wears against the duty belt. The inner suspension system holds the protective panels securely in place and prevents them from sagging. Dual plate pockets on the front of the carrier can accommodate either 5" x 8" or 7" x 10" inserts for added protection. The Evolution™ is available in both male and fitted female designs.


  • Interior suspension system prevents sagging of armor panels
  • Breeze knit moisture wicking anti-microbial inner lining
  • Interior microfiber Wearstrip provides greater durability
  • Durable and lightweight microfiber outer shell
  • 5" x 8" and 7" x 10" front plate pocket accommodates inserts for added protection
  • Easy Grip side straps
  • Available in Light Blue, Black, Navy, White, Tan and Brown
  • Available with Seraph, Halo, Quantum, FMS and Vortex level IIIA ballistic systems
About Armor Express Ballistics:

Each of their ballistic lines is tested beyond the NIJ Standard in-house, with special threat requirements as deemed necessary by you, the customer. The goal is to give you the peace of mind that can only come with watching your purchase be put to the test, right before your eyes. Their in-house testing facility is state of the art, with capabilities beyond many other certified labs in the field today.

Soft armor comes protected in a seam-sealed ripstop pad cover. Each configuration is certified to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standards, as well as vigorously tested in-house at the Ballistic Research Laboratory (BRL). During testing they go above and beyond the anticipated testing protocols in order to ensure that their armor products are second to none.


The lightweight Seraph body armor is easy to wear and offers exceptional performance. Seraph armor is so light it often goes unnoticed as it wraps users in a field of security.

  • Utilizes a unique blend of Twaron and Dyneema fabrics
  • Available in Levels II and IIIA

The Halo soft armor system is the most flexible NIJ "06" certified body armor available. Designed for those seeking the highest level of comfort and protection, Halo armor will keep you safe and secure.

  • Utilizes woven Twaron Microfilament material and Twaron laminated Fiber Technology
  • Available in Levels II and IIIA

Quantum soft armor offers superior value. Lightweight, flexible, and a robust performer, Quantum soft armor is an attractive solution for the fiscally focused consumer.

  • Woven and laminated Twaron Microfilament materials
  • Available in Levels II and IIIA

For officers seeking a solid performing, yet affordable NIJ 0101.06 ballistic package, the FMS ballistic offering in levels II and IIIA is a top performer at a reasonable price.

  • Flexible structure
  • Durable and robust, yet inexpensive construction
  • Additional stopping power beyond NIJ .06 specifications

Vortex body armor offers users the combined properties of strength, comfort, and performance that Kevlar brand products have been delivering for decades.

  • 100% DuPont Kevlar brand fibers
  • Available in level IIIA