ASP Nexus (F Series) Subcap Baton Clip Attachment, Black

Product Code: ASP-CAP52931

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52931 Nexus Subcap Baton Clip for F-Series Batons

The Nexus subcap provides secure, lightweight clip-on retention of all ASP Friction Locå¨ Batons. The design is compact and easily installed. Batons are conveniently carried and rapidly presented. The subcap allows additional ASP accessories to also be mounted on the baton.


  • Allows an ASP Tactical Baton to be carried without a baton holder
  • Can be clipped easily on any duty or dress belt
  • Compatible with all ASP F-Series batons and baton caps
  • Meets or surpasses international quality standards
  • Tested for durability
  • Design is compact and easily installed