Avon Protection C50 First Responder Kit

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The C50 All Challenge Mask

The C50 First Responder Kit has been specifically developed with the help of industry experts to provide a total CBRN respiratory solution for the end user, and provides a reduced acquisition cost when compared to purchasing the included items separately.

The C50 Responder Kit includes the most common accessories for the C50 mask.

Main Accessories Included:

  • C50 Mask
  • Clear Outsert Assembly
  • Sunlight Outsert Assembly
  • CBRNF12B filter
  • CTF12 Riot Agent Filter
  • Mask Carrier & Storage Faceform

Additional accessories include:

  • Blue Blocker outsert
  • Vision correction gear
  • CBRN Reservoir
  • Voice Projection Unit (VPU) & internal mic
  • Radio interface assembly
Unique Visor Technology:
  • Polyurethane visor is highly flexible plus scratch and impact resistant and will not yellow over time
  • Optically correct across the whole field of view
  • Panoramic visor design gives excellent field of vision and wearer recognition while enhancing compatibility with weapon sights
  • The Vision Correction System allows prescription lenses to be mounted inside the mask
  • Clear outserts for extreme environments
  • Sunlight outserts for high intensity light situations
  • BlueBlocker outsert delivers sharper images by filtering out specific light wavelengths
Air Flow Management:
  • Heat build up minimized
  • Low inhalation resistance
  • Excellent de-mist properties
  • Common valves for simplicity and lower through-life cost
User Benefits:
  • The unique chlorobutyl/silicone blend face piece material ensures the mask is not only high in protection but also provides a better seal and is more comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Compatibility with helmets, CBRN protective clothing and NFPA Class 3 Suits due to the low profile, close contour brow, flat buckles and extended chin flap
  • Quick donning due to the pre-adjusted buckles
  • 3 sizes providing secure and comfortable fit for all facial shapes and sizes
  • High flow fail safe drinking device allows connection to either a canteen or bladder type hydration system
  • Front mounted exhale valve allows clear direct communication.
  • For enhanced communication, an optional Voice Projection Unit (VPU) with internal microphone is easily connected via the Electronic Communication Port (ECP)
  • Additional external communication systems can be attached via this ECP using available leads
  • Filter canisters are side mounted on either left or right side minimizing interference and allowing improved capability for shoulder mounted devices.
  • Standard STANAG round thread 40 x 1/7 mm
  • Allows for PAPR devices for improved protection