Avon Protection PC50 Enforcer Kit

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These filters are capable of fully removing virus microbes from breathable air, including those that cause Covid-19.

See also the Avon Protection CBRNCF50 Filter (each).

A link to the riot filters is below, in red.

PC50 Enforcer Kit (full set)

The Avon PC50 is designed and approved for use as a NON-CBRN respiratory device, providing protection in dangerous and contaminated environments, against certain solid and liquid respirable particles, gases, vapors and modest splashes of liquid chemicals.

The Avon PC50 is available in three sizes, with either left or right hand 40mm canister mounts that accept traditional or conformal filters. The standard communication port allows the ability to connect with other radios. The PC50 head harness provides a comfortable and secure fit and is designed for rapid donning and doffing. The Avon PC50 may be fitted with a vision correction system and a variety of outserts for specific operational situations. Designed for the lowest cost of ownership and maximum reliability.

The PC50 is NIOSH approved for use with the Riot Control CTF12 Canister providing protection against CS-CN agents in both vapor and aerosol form and particulate matter.

Urgent Notice from Avon Protection

Disinfecting Standard Operating Procedure for COVID-19

Please see Avon Protection's new SOP on how to thoroughly disinfect
masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) here.


  • Corrections Officers
  • Riot Control
  • Border Patrol
  • Plant Security
  • Other Non-CBRN Requirements

This Set Also Includes:

  • Head Harness
  • Mask
  • Clear Outsert
  • Sunlight Outsert
  • Riot Filter
  • Cartridges
  • Carrier