Avon Protection CS-PAPR Base Kit

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CS-PAPR Base Kit

The Avon CS-PAPR™ is the newest generation of CBRN Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) designed for use in Combination Unit Respirators.

The capability to change levels of protection dependent on the threat, now provides the wearer with increased duration on target and safer operation.

Utilizing the Avon MP-PAPR module along with the patented combination hose module, the wearer can seamlessly switch between APR, PAPR and SCBA modes of protection. The single air hose connection for all modes allows the wearer to retain a clear mask cheeks for optimum weapon sighting.

The low profile shape of the Avon CS-PAPR delivers best in class integration with SCBA systems, benefiting the wearer with reduced weight and size compared to traditional systems.

Modular Methodology allows the user to either add the Avon CS-PAPR to existing fielded systems such as the FM53/4 APR and ST53 SCBA, use as a regular PAPR (Avon MP-PAPR) or revert back to the Avon EZAir configuration.


  • Military
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Special Operations 
  • Federal Security / Border Control 
  • Post-Fire Clean Up

Intelligent Integration:

  • Optional carrier module allows wearer to rapidly remove SCBA portion
  • Crush resistant ‘S-Shape’ hose with low profile hose end

Operational Flexibility:

  • Re-configurable to work as Avon EZAir or MP-PAPR
  • Short duration escape cylinders integrate with CS-PAPR

Patented Combination Hose:

  • Press and turn rotary selector prevents accidental actuation
  • PAPR automatically powers up/down with selector rotation
  • SCBA can be primed allowing the user to switch modes in one simple action
  • "Fail-Safe" pneumatic operation of hose defaults to APR when SCBA air runs out

Modular Upgrade Options:

  • Remote power switch for simple operation at the mask
  • Combination hose allows for SCBA connection for Combination Respirator Unit (CUR) use
  • Flexible two filter PAPR module automatically adjusts Avon EZAir to meet required higher flow rates 

Technical Specifications:

Unit Size 420mm L (16.5") x 115mm H (4.5") x 140mm W (5.5")
Unit Weight (No battery or filter) 1.75 kg (3.8 lbs)
Unit Weight (No Filter (6xCR123) 1.97 kg (4.3 lbs)
Flow Rate 120 lpm controlled flow
Operational Noise @ 120 lpm 60 dBa
Run time CR123, Li-Ion battery 4+ hours (filter clogged) 10 yr
Li-Ion Recharable battery 8+ hours (filter clogged)
Operational Temperature -30°C to 45°C
(-22°F to 113°F)
Protection Factor PAPR mode 10,000 (PAPR On), 2,000 (PAPR Off)
Protection Factor SCBA Mode 100,000
Alarms Low Battery (can be silenced), restricted flow, high resistance
Construction CBRN Hardened Butyl and Noryl
Operation Integrated Rotary Selector. Wearer can select either APR, PAPR and SCBA modes by pushing in and rotating selector
Interface with APR Crush Proof hose with close fit 40mm (STANAG) APR connection, one size fits all
EMI Shielded MIL-HDBK-235

What Powered CBRN Filtration Means to You.

  • Less Breathing Resistance
  • Cooling Sensation
  • Increased confidence