Avon Protection BA3A Ballistic Helmet, Large Black

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BA3A Ballistic Helmet, Large Black

(Formerly the 3M BA3A Ballistic Helmet)

Avon Protection's BA3A ballistic helmets are well suited for critical response personnel, security and mobile field forces. The BA3A helmet is a PASGT-style cut with flared sides to accommodate double canister gas masks, communications gear and goggles. The BA3A-TC is a brimless MICH-style helmet with an extra wide eye port opening for maximum peripheral vision, and to accommodate common industry gas masks and goggles. 


  • Meets NIJ Level IIIA ballistic threat protection standards (9mm)
  • Shell is manufactured using advanced Thermoplastic Aramid and composites
  • Will accommodate field-mount face shields

Ballistic Performance Testing:

NIJ Threat Level NIJ 0106.01 with NIJ 0.108.01 Level IIIA Threats
(9mm FMJ/44mag @ 1400-1450 ft/sec)