BAO Tactical Phoenix Level IIIA Full Size 10x12 Ballistic Panel

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10"x12" Full Size Ballistic Panel in Phoenix Level IIIA

This limited edition ballistic panel can be used to supplement your bullet resistance in a concealable vest, plate carrier, or pretty much anywhere else it'll fit.

Full size ballistic panels are desirable to replace the rear shooters cut panel for many armor wearers, since angled corners serve little purpose in the rear plate pocket of a plate carrier.

They are also well-suited to serve as backpack panels, where they can sit out of sight and out of mind, providing a level of constant protection whenever the backpack is worn.


  • DOM: February 2018
    (still with half of its original warranty time left as of August 2020)
  • Protection Level: IIIA Phoenix - one of the lightest panels known to provide IIIA protection
  • Rare full-size coverage of 10x12 inches in a soft ballistic panel
  • NIJ Certification: NIJ-0101.06