BAO Tactical Sample Ballistic Panels Set, XLR - Trauma Only

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Sample Panels Set, LR to XLR - Trauma Only

These panels were manufactured like any of our other panels, but without labels as they were for sample purposes only.

As such, they are uncertified and cannot be sold as though they had any specific level of protection. We are treating them as though they are trauma pads only, intended to provide padding against blunt force impacts. We make no promises or guarantees regarding their bullet-resistant capabilities.

These two panels are a front and back pair, intended for use by the same wearer.


  • Width: 21-1/2" (Large to X-Large)
  • Height: 13" (Regular)
    Height is measured from the bottom to the neckline cavity on the front panel. The overall height of both panels are then matched to each other.


  • DOM: Unknown
  • Protection Level: Unknown, since no labels were produced for these samples. We make no guarantees about their bullet resistance, and to do so would be unethical.
  • NIJ Certification: none