BAO Tactical 3100SPL Hard Armor Side Plate, Level III, SA, Single Curve

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3100 Level III Lightweight Standalone Hard Armor Plate, Single Curve, Shooters Cut

The BAO Tactical standalone 8"x10" and 10"x12" large single curve Shooters Cut Model# BAO 3401 hard armor plates are certified to exceed the NIJ .06 Standard Level III specifications. They are also amazingly light, weighing only 2.1 lbs and 3.2 lbs with a thinness of only 1.26". Made in a single curve shooters cut, they work great as a front plate but can also be used in the back. The other perk of having the shooters style cut in the front is that it allows for a good range of motion while in a shooter's stance.


  • Curvature: Single Curve
  • Cut: Side Plate
  • Protection: Level III Standalone
  • Thinness: 1.26"
  • Model: BAO 3100SPL
  • 5-Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Light AP Protection including 7.62 x 39mm
  • Advanced Ceramic/Composite Design
  • 1000 Denier CORDURA® Fabric Finish
  • Multi-Shot Rated
  • Buoyant.
  • Water repellant polyurethane coated Cordura® fabric finish.
Protection Information
Ammunition Striking
Ft/s ± 30
M/s ± 9
Rifle AK-47 7.62 x 39mm -
2390 728
Rifle FN FAL 7.62 x 51mm -
M80 Ball
2800 853
Rifle AK-47,
7.62 x 39mm -
2390 728
Rifle M-16
5.56 x 45mm -
3150 960
Medium plates:
  • Size: 6"x6"
  • Weight: 1.0 lb (0.6 kg)
Large plates:
  • Size: 6"x8"
  • Weight: 1.0 lbs (0.6 kg)