BAO Tactical Atlas Vest Hanger, Black

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BAO Tactical Atlas Vest Hanger, Black

The Worlds Strongest Coat Hanger

This is a unique coat hanger that can hold a wide variety of items, for more than just garments; although commonly used for heavy body armor, this hanger is also worthy of protecting your firearm investment or a heavy, important sentimental item when other hangers will just break. These may include turnout gear, an auto racing flame suit, a leather coat, a ski suit, a wet suit, a fully loaded backpack, hunting gear, motorcycle leather wear, and much more. 

"The World's Strongest Coat Hanger" is not just a great item for every home. It makes a great gift. Everyone has a need for a strong hanger and this heavy duty hanger is both strong and durable.

What can heavy duty hangers be used for?

  • Firefighters - Turnout Gear, Boots, Gloves
  • Police - Gear, Body Armor, Tactical Equipment
  • Military - Gear, Body Armor, Flak Jackets
  • Hunters - Heavy Outdoor Gear
"The World's Strongest Coat Hanger" is constructed of polypropylene – a soft plastic that is not rigid or abrasive against garments. This material allows the hanger to be flexible and shatter resistant. Its I-Beam construction makes it strong, with a shear (breaking) strength of 112 lbs. It is 19" x 11.75" and weighs 8.3 oz.