BAO Tactical 4400SH Level IV Hard Armor Plate, Standalone, Shooters Cut, Single Curve, 10x12

BAO Tactical 4400SH Level IV Hard Armor Plate, Standalone, Shooters Cut, Single Curve, 10x12

Product Code: BAOT-THAP4400-SH-SC-L

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The BAO Tactical 4400 level lV hard armor plate is being phased out. 
When existing stock is depleted, the 4400 will be replaced by the new 4401 Level lV hard armor plate.

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Shooters SA lV 10x12 .06 Cert Hard Armor Plate - BAO 4400L

Finished with a CORDURA® nylon wrap, the 4400 Series armor is highly durable, water resistant, and has enhanced resistance to tear and abrasions. It can be stored in a vehicle for quick access, so it’s a perfect fit for actlVe shooter scenarios.


  • Advanced composite materials
  • Single curve design (BI 4400 also available in multi-curve)
  • Highly durable, water resistant polyurethane coated CORDURA® fabric finish
  • Also available with sprayed-on Polyurea coating
  • Precision quality control
  • Made in the USA

The 4400L hard armor plate is certified to the NIJ .06 Level lV Stand Alone standard specifications. It has been made in the form of a single curve shooters cut style which works great as either a front or back plate, allowing for a good range of motion while in a shooters stance.


  • Size: 10"x12"
  • Curvature: Single Curve
  • Cut: Shooters
  • Protection Level: lV Stand Alone
  • Construction: Ceramic
  • Thinness: 1.00"
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs (per plate)
  • Model: BAO 4400-SH-SC-L
  • 5-Year Manufacture Warranty

Protection Information

Rifle FN FAL 7.62 x 51mm
M80 Ball/AP
2800 853
Rifle M-16/AR-15 5.56 x 45mm
3150 960
Rifle AK-47, M, SKS 7.62 x 39mm
Ball/Steel Core/API/M67/M43
2390 728
Rifle SVD, Dragunov 7.62 x 54R
2850 869
Rifle M14 7.62 x 51mm
2830 863
Rifle .30-06
7.62 x 63mm
2780 847
Rifle .30-06
7.62 x 63mm
2900 884