Galvion Caiman Ballistic Applique

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All Galvion products are currently in extremely high demand and are experiencing lead times of roughly one year for delivery.

As an alternative, Body Armor Outlet recommends instead the BAO Tactical Level IIIA FAST Helmet.

The Galvion Caiman Ballistic Applique is an attachment for the Galvion Caiman Hybrid High Cut Helmet and cannot be used without it.

Caiman Ballistic Applique

An up-armor helmet shell attachment to elevate or enhance ballistic and fragmentation protection.



The Caiman Head System is the first carbon bump helmet in the industry that can be ballistically enabled.


The two-piece applique provides the option to up-armor the top and front of the Caiman shell, or the back, or both simultaneously

Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Color Options
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Tan499
  • Compatible with Caiman Hybrid Helmet
  • NOT compatible with Caiman Ballistic Helmets
  • NOT compatible with Viper Helmets
  • NOT compatible with Cobra Helmets
Testing & Requirements: Bump Helmet with Caiman Ballistic Applique:
  • 2gr FSP V50: > 1242 m/s (4075 ft/s)
  • 4gr FSP V50: > 1052 m/s (3450 ft/s)
  • 16gr FSP V50: > 739 m/s (2425 ft/s)
  • 64gr FSP V50: > 518 m/s (1700 ft/s)
  • 17gr FSP V50: > 670 m/s (2200 ft/s)
  • 9mm RTP: Remington 124 grain FMJ, 9x19mm projectile at 1195 + 50ft/s
  • 9mm BFD: Remington 124 grain FMJ, 9x19mm projectile at 1195 + 50ft/s <29 mm (All locations)
  • Stops NIJ level IIIA Threats: (9mm, 44 mag & .357 SIG) (NIJ 0106.01)