C&S Security - Security Chain #1

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Security Chain #1

C&S Security Chain #1 is made for the largest prisoner. This chain allows movement of the legs and hands without excessive pressure on the wrists. This chain with handcuff cover and leg irons will afford all the safety any transporting officer will require.

This chain is 24" in length with a 2" steel ring on one end and a steel security link, 5/16" x 1" x 3?" on the other end separated by straight link coil chain made of 10/18 cold rolled steel with blu chrome finish.

"Our safety record is 100 percent. NO inmate has ever successfully breached the security of the black box while in transit."
- Management, C & S Security

C & S Security Company History:

An American Corporation, made by Americans, in America.
C & S Security, Inc. was established on August 11, 1971 by Jack D. Cullip in Roscommon, Michigan. Over 45 years later our prisoner transport equipment continues to be the industry standard. Three generations of the Cullip family have been employed with and retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons, totaling seventy-seven years of service. Our corporation has developed and patented the first handcuff cover (Black Box) for the protection of the handcuffs' locking mechanism and are 100% American made. The development of the waist, body and other chains has significantly improved transporting officers safety. All of our products are manufactured to meet the demands of law enforcement, correctional, security and military standards.åÊ