US Armor Enforcer Female 6000, Level IIIA w/ HVC Carrier

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Enforcer Female 6000 Level IIIA, Custom Size w/ HVC Carrier & Soft Trauma Pad

The thinnest, lightest and most flexible NIJ .06 Certified ballistic vest on the market! The Enforcer 6000 is 100% MADE IN USA, using Core Matrix® technology with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibers from Honeywell® and DuPont™. Combining these in a thin, lightweight, low-stitch ballistic package for the highest performing, NIJ .06 Certified ballistic vest available today (< 1 lbs. per square foot). 

Note: The male HVC Carrier is shown in the photos. We will update the images when we get female HVC Carrier photos.

Standard Features:

  • 6-point elastic/VELCRO® closure system
  • Removable strap system
  • 6" x 8" Soft Ballistic Trauma Plate
  • Shirt Tails
Ballistic Capabilities
  • .357 SIG (125 gr FMJ) - 1883 fps / 573.94 mps
  • .44 Magnum (240 gr SJHP) - 1671 fps / 509.32 mps
Aerial Density
  • 0.99 lbs/sq/ft (15.84 oz./sq. ft.) - Male IIIA
  • Thickness: 0.30 In

The Enforcer 5000 is a ballistic panel only, shown here with the Ranger 100 Carrier.

Optional Features (Not Included)

  • Upgraded Outlast™ Heat Management Fabric Carrier (same material used by NASA in their astronaut space suits - keeps the officer cool when the body is warm, keeps officer warm when the body is cold)
  • Upgraded CuTEC Copper Thread Technology Carrier (eliminates heat rash and other skin complications from long term body armor use)
  • CoolMax® T-shirts
  • Winter Quilt outer carrier
  • Ranger 100, 200, 300, 500 outer carriers
  • Uniform Shirt Carrier
  • Additional trauma plate insert options
  • Concealable Carry Bags (Nylon)
  • Removable Carriers - 18 months
  • US Armor Fit Guarantee - 60 days
US Armor Standard
Sizing for Vests
Small Short 18x11.5 14.5x13.5
Small Regular 18x12.5 14.5x14.5
Small Long 18x13.5 14.5x15.5
Medium Short 19x12 17.5x14.5
Medium Regular 19x13 17.5x15.5
Medium Long 19x14 17.5x16.5
Large Short 19.5x13 19.5x15
Large Regular 19.5x14 19.5x16
Large Long 19.5x15 19.5x17
X-Large Short 20x13 22x15
X-Large Regular 20x14 22x16
X-Large Long 20x15 22x17
2X-Large Short 21x13.5 25x15.5
2X-Large Regular 21x14.5 25x16.5
2X-Large Long 21x15.5 25x17.5
3X-Large Short 22x14 27.5x16.5
3X-Large Regular 22x15 27.5x17.5
3X-Large Long 22x16 27.5x18.5