Fox 11 gram 2% OC UV Key Chain (Hard Shell)

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11 gram 2% OC UV Key Chain

These unassuming 'mini' sprays are ideal for carrying in a shirt pocket, boot, vehicle or for hand-held concealment for close-in encounters. Their size is small, but the effects are big! They come in both canister and multi-color key chain units. The 11 Gram Units and Key Chain Release Units are the exact same unit. 


  • 11 Gram Canister alone: These 11 Gram canisters can be used all by themselves or as replacements for our Key Chain Release Units. Either way, you are still getting FOX's famous formulas.
    0.4 oz., 3"H x ¾" Dia.; approx 10 ¾ sec. bursts in a splatter stream travel 8 to 10 feet.
  • 11 Gram Key Chain Release Unit: These little units are a big favorite with the ladies, although many guys carry them, too. They are small enough to carry in a pocket or handbag, or with your keys using the removable key chain "release" rings that come with the units.
    3 ¾" H x 1 ¾" Dia.; number of bursts, spray pattern and distance are the same.

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