JayPee Strion Flashlight Holder, Closed Bottom, Open Top, Clarino Finish

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Strion Flashlight Holder

Closed Bottom, Open Top, Clarino Finish


Only flawless, top-grain cowhides are used in Jay-Pee leather products, each is carefully selected by their tannery, following their weight specifications and surface appearance requirements. Their experience has given them the knowledge of the appropriate gauge of leather necessary for the specific function. Certain items must be heavy with others, depending on the function, must be of a lighter weight hide.


All linings are smoothly textured top-grain cowhide. Available on belts either half lined or fully lined.


Rugged 5-cord nylon lockstitching withstands years of heavy duty service. Each stitch is individually locked.


All edges are beveled and polished, making them both attractive and resistant to abuse.


Responsive to the needs of the law enforcement industry, Jay-Pee has engineered and developed its line of uniform equipment so that it delivers the fullest degree of both safety and comfort, while at the same time being both handsome and affordable.

Streamlight Strion, Surefire G2, and Similar 85S 85SBW
Streamlight Stinger and Similar SLH SLHBW
Mag-Lite Mini Mag and Similar MLH MLHBW

*Chrome (silver) buckles and snaps are standard on duty gear. Hidden Snaps or brass buckles and snaps are available by special order…please email or call for ordering info.