Lion Commander Structural Firefighting Glove, NFPA 1971, Gauntlet Style

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Extreme dexterity for extreme FireFighting... The Commander has arrived!

KOVENEX Thermal Fabric Blend

KOVENEX is a flame resistant non-woven fabric made from a blend of three fibers. The non-woven needle-punched felt is further stitch bonded with a non-melt Rayon yarn to lock in the fibers to prevent thinning and to maintain the loft of the fabric. This delivers excellent TPP and radiant heat protection while enhancing dexterity, which eases doffing and donning, especially when wet. The fiber blend is also cut resistant, tear resistant and very skin friendly.

Leather and Kovenex (Black and Gold)

  • Gauntlet style
  • Commander series is certified NFPA 1971 compliant.
  • TPP results are above 60, far exceeding the NFPA 1971 standard.
  • Third-party test results show over 40% improvement for the new Commander model's dexterity rating.
  • Eversoft thermal split leather
  • Next-generation CROSSTECH® Insert is fully bonded to a form-fitting thermal liner to create a combination of thermal liner and moisture barrier. This results in better flexibility, less bulk in the palm and improved dexterity.
  • KOVENEX® Thermal Fabric Blend
  • Water repellent
  • New model replaces the one-piece back of hand with a three-piece to give better stretch and knuckle protection while allowing for improved grip. Modified Finger Crotches and Thumb Designs typically used in 3D models have been incorporated to provide better fit and performance.
  • XS to 2XL