Midway 5 Star Police Cap Collection - 8 Caps, Solid and Mesh

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Midway 5 Star Police Cap Collection - 8 Caps, Solid and Mesh

These caps are being sold as a bundle. We are trying to just get them out the door and will not be breaking them up. All of these caps are unused and in brand new condition.

All Midway Cap Company's 5 Star Polyester Caps come with a sturdy plastic inner frame, an ID sleeve in the inner top lining to keep track of your cap, and are a traditional police navy color. 

Midway 5 Star Police Cap, Solid

  • Style: # W101

The Midway 5 star cap is a round top cap, made with navy polyester fabric and black patent leather. A brown leather headband encircles the inside for maximum wearer comfort. A black or silver visor band with gold P buttons decorates the front above the brim. It also has a badge eyelet above to fasten the department's insignia.

There are 3 of these in the following sizes:

  • Size 7⅛ with a silver visor band (1)
  • Size 7¼ with a black visor band (1)
  • Size 7½ with a silver visor band (1)

All 3 of these have silver P buttons.

Midway 5 Star Police Cap, Mesh

This summer version of the 5 star is identical but with a heavy duty nylon mesh outer material to disperse heat rapidly.

There are 5 of these in the following sizes:

  • Size 7 (2)
  • Size 7⅛ (1)
  • Size 7¼ (1)
  • Size 7½ (1)

All 5 of these have silver visor bands and P buttons.


This collection also comes with:

  • Black visor bands (13)
  • Gold visor bands (11)
  • Gold P buttons (8)