Native Eyewear Dash XP Sunglasses

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Native Eyewear - Dash XP

Often referring to a short distance run, these are anything but a short-term fix for an eternity of adventure. Optical-quality, impact-resistant lenses block 100 percent of the harmful UV light and eliminate glare for sharp, clear vision with increased contrast and depth perception. P.C.C.å¨ lenses provide outstanding vision and protection in any lighting condition. Polarized Reflex lenses provide superior glare reduction and enhanced tyling.


  • Frame: Asphalt or Charcoal
  • Lens: Gray, Blue Reflex, or Silver Reflex
  • SportFlex‰ã¢ Lens Kit Included
  • Hybrid Venting
  • Cushinol‰ã¢
  • Mastoid Temple Grip‰ã¢
  • Optic Gear Kit
  • Anti-Ocular Intrusion Systemå¨
  • Interchangeable Lens System
  • Fit Size: Best fits a medium to large profile.
  • Weight: 0.65 oz.