Point Blank Single 12" Vest Straps, Black

Product Code: PB-AVS-S212-019

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We no longer stock this product and are phasing it out, although some supplies remain.
BAO will announce another similar product to replace it in the near future.

12" Black Single Vest Straps in 2" and 4" widths

Internal Shock Absorbing Straps significantly improve weight distribution and load bearing support. A set of 4 removable 2" side straps allow for easy 8-point adjustability, while 2 4" side straps would give adjustability at 4 points, i.e., two per strap. This is ideal for those who are particular about where they like to place their attachment point(s). 4 inch straps have greater tension than 2 inch straps. Please note that these are sold per unit, not a set of 2 or 4 straps.

These straps are the same or very similar to the straps that come with any basic concealable carrier. Straps can become worn with the normal wear and tear of the job - the Velcro might not stick as well, or the elasticity of the strap can be compromised from daily use. Having worn out straps can make wearing a vest uncomfortable, irritating, and potentially dangerous if they no longer keep the ballistic panels snug to the body.

These straps are brand new, having never been used, and a optimal choice to maintain comfort with your concealable vest.


  • Improves weight distribution and load bearing support
  • Using 4 removable 2" side straps allows for easy 8-point adjustability.
  • Using 2 removable 4" side straps allows for easy 4-point adjustability.
  • Removing the vest is easy - just undo the hook and loop tabs on one side, and bring the carrier over your head and move it off sideways.
  • Fits a wide variety of concealable body armor carriers.
  • Also fits many other brands of concealable carriers with hook and loop attachment points.