Point Blank 8x10 Coated Steel Blunt Trauma Plate Insert

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Point Blank 8x10 Coated Steel Blunt Trauma Plate Insert

These trauma plates are typically used to increase the effectiveness of soft body armor and to protect against blunt, slicing, or pointed stabbing weapons.

The label on similar trauma plates reads,
"This plate may help to reduce or prevent the effects of trauma in the protected area from ammunition, pointed objects, edged weapons, and the steering column in some automobile accidents. However, ammunition striking the plate may ricochet, which can present a hazard to the wearer or others."


  • Aids in deflection of most blunt, edged, and stabbing weapons
  • Can in some situations provide additional stopping power against common firearm rounds
  • Protective coating provides an anti-spall effect to catch fragments in case of a bullet strike
  • Curve at one end provides for a more comfortable fit for men or women
  • Slides into a rifle pocket with ease, making equipping on the go fast and easy
  • Point Blank Model# PBAISTE8X10