Point Blank Level IIIA / Vision Concealable Carrier with Thorshield, size 46R/48R, DoM 12/2013

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Point Blank Vision Level IIIA concealable carrier with Thorshield, size 46R/48R, DoM 12/2013

Ballistic Specifications:

Model Size Weight Thickness V50 .357 Sig V50 44 Mag
AIIIA‐1 C1/C5 0.98 0.30 1813 1618

Carrier Features:

VISION® is the first total body armor system that integrates high performance ballistic materials with an innovative carrier design, featuring Outlast® temperature regulating technologies, Thorshield™ Electroshock Weapon Protection and the exclusive Self‐Suspending Ballistic System™. These innovations result in significantly cooler, dryer and more comfortable all‐day performance.