Protech FAV MR01 Modular IIIA Tactical Plus Vest

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FAV MR01 Modular IIIA Tactical Plus Vest - complete sets

These Protech tactical vests show moderate signs of use, but have held up quite well with only minor issues. These are full "Plus" tactical vests that sold for thousands brand new. A wide variety of pouches and ballistic accessories came with this group, so each vest order will come with a random selection of 4 or 5 pouches or accessories in addition to any ballistic accessories listed at the bottom of this page.


  • NIJ Standard-0101.06 certified
  • MOLLE attachment platform
  • External front and back, dual 8" X 10" and 10" X 12" plate pockets
  • External, top-loading 12" x 8.5" auxiliary (dump) pouch to provide storage and easy access to mission specific equipment
  • Hidden, integrated dual wire channel to secure wires
  • Built-in mic tabs
  • Reinforced, heavy-duty rescue strap
  • Front and back hook and loop ID attachment platforms
  • Removable shoulder-mounted D-rings for weapon sling
  • Upper arm (biceps) protection attachment system
  • Adjustable, internal cummerbund controls front and back platform during tactical maneuvers
  • Adjustable side closure system which accepts optional 6" x 10" side ballistic panels and allows for the insertion of 6" x 6" mini side plates
  • Rugged 1,000-denier Cordura exterior material for long-lasting wear
  • Comfortable, diamond Ripstop nylon interior carrier material
  • Warrantied for 5 years from date of manufacture

Additional Accessories:

The following pouches are available:

  • 37/40mm less lethal pouch
  • Single gas mask pouch
  • Medic pouch
  • Hydration pouch
  • Single grenade pouch
  • Double sidearm mag pouch
  • MK3/MK4 aerosol pouch
  • Triple short M4 mag pouch
  • Double M4 mag pouch
  • Universal radio pouch
  • Triple sidearm mag pouch
  • Less lethal pouch
  • Single distraction device pouch
  • Weapon retention pads (pair)
Vests with a manufacture date of 04/2012 come with:
  • Yoke / throat protector
  • Collar protector
  • Groin protector
  • Bicep protectors
Vests with a manufacture date of 03/2012 come with:
  • Collar protector
  • Bicep protectors
Vests with a manufacture date of 06/2012 come with:
  • Collar protector
  • Groin protector