Sabre Red 5.0oz Lock On Grenade

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5oz Lock On Grenade

SABRE RED contains 10% oleoresin capsicum measuring 2,000,000 Scoville Heat Units, producing 1.33% major capsaicinoids. Independent laboratory testing found SABRE RED to be 8% to 86% stronger than the competition.

Designed for:

  • Crowd Management.
  • Area Denial.
  • Area Extractions (Cells, Indoor Rooms / Attics / Crawl Spaces, Confined Areas / Barricades, Holes / Caves).
  • Empties in 14 Seconds, Delivers 0.36 oz of OC per Second.
  • 22,000 Cubic Feet in 60 Seconds.
  • Empties Up To 200% More OC Per Second!
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