Second Chance K-30 7x12.5 Angled Hard Armor Plate Insert

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Second Chance K-30 7x12.5 Angled Hard Armor Plate Insert

This is a 7 inch by 12.5 inch, Aramid covered, slightly angled, steel trauma plate body armor insert plate.
Inserts like these are intended to be placed in a vest pocket in front of your soft body armor panel.
The angled profile makes this plate well suited for a female torso and also comfortable for a man.
This plate is used and shows the effects of light to moderate wear, with no significant fraying.
Please read the text on the label in the close up picture for more information as to this plate's stated capabilities.


  • Aids in deflection of most blunt, edged, and stabbing weapons
  • Will in most situations provide additional stopping power against common firearm rounds
  • Aramid wrapping provides an anti-spall effect to catch fragments in case of a bullet strike
  • Aramid skin is slip-resistant, reducing jostling of the insert while running

Protection Information:

  • 7.62x33 BALL (.30 Carbine)
  • .30 Carbine commercial soft point ammo
  • 12ga Rifled Slugs
  • .44 Magnum Carbine
  • 9mm KTW Teflon rounds
  • 9mm Steel Jacketed AP rounds