Safariland Model 290 Double Cuff Pouch, Hi Gloss, Black w/ Chrome

Product Code: SF-290-9

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Model 290 Double Handcuff Pouch, Hi Gloss, Black, Top Flap w/ Chrome Fastener

The 290 Handcuff Case is designed to fit either two chain, depending on model. Constructed of durable SafariLaminate material, this cuff case is designed for 2.25 in. (58 mm) duty belts and available with chrome, brass, or hidden snap.


  • Slides on to standard duty belt
  • Holds two pairs of chain handcuffs or 1 chain handcuff and surgical gloves
  • Inside divider separates handcuffs
  • Other snap options: Chrome, Brass or Hidden
  • Also available in Basketweave, Plain, or Nylon-look