Survival Armor Paladin IIIA Ballistic, 2 Vertex Carriers with 5x8 Insert Combo

Product Code: SU-CVEPLIIIA2-SR-019

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We no longer stock this product and are phasing it out.
Please check out some other options with US Armor or BAO Tactical, which are available for purchase.

Paladin IIIA Ballistic, 2 Vertex Carriers with 5x8 Insert Combo

The Paladin IIIA is the top-of-the-Line ballistic armor package from Survival Armor. Extremely light weight, wearable, along with exceptional ballistic performance, makes the Paladin the top choice for comfort and ballistic performance.

The Vertex6 carrier has been redesigned with increased durability and adjustability. Reinforced with Mini-Diamond Rip Stop wear strips along the edges to enhance durability in common friction areas. Spantron material on the body side allows for climate control, odor resistance and anti-microbial moisture management. Full top width loop strip across shoulders allows for infinite placement of shoulder straps. Complete with dual 5"x8" and 7"x9" stealth plate pockets..

Standard Features:

  • LDSS patented load distributing strapping system

Paladin IIIA Ballistics

  • Level lllA
  • Weight: .89 (Lbs/Ft2)
  • Thinness: 0.20 in
  • V-50 .357 SIG (fps): 1929
  • V-50 .44 MAG (fps): 1814

Special Threat Testing

  • 9mm 127gr SXT +P+ Ranger
  • .357 Sig 125gr GDHP Speer
  • 5.7 x 28 40gr V-MAX FN SS-197
  • 7.62 x 25 85gr FMJ Tokarev