Uncle Mike's Collapsible Baton Case

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Collapsible Baton Case

The Uncle Mike's law enforcement collapsible baton pouches are more than just cases for holding an expandable baton. These Uncle Mike's pouches have a stable form so the pouch will stay open after the baton is removed. Also, baton pouches by Uncle Mike's law enforcement feature a hole in the back of the pouch that allows the baton to be re-holstered, even while fully extended. In addition, these pouches by Uncle Mike's law enforcement are MOLLE compatible and can be worn on a duty belt, a tactical vest or a drop leg platform. Uncle Mike's collapsible baton case is a great selection for military and law enforcement agencies, as well as civilians.


  • Has Velcro hook & loop flap allowing rapid tactical access to the baton.
  • Pouch stays open after baton is removed until purposely closed.
  • Hole in back of pouch allows even a fully extended baton to be re-holstered.