US Armor HVC Concealable Carrier, Black, Medium Regular

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HVC Concealable Carrier, Black, Medium Regular

This carrier was never sold and never worn.

The HVC interior area is constructed with a Wikaway® moisture management system. This fabric allows moisture to be 'wicked away' from the skin and into the fabric, greatly enhancing officer comfort and decreasing heat stress. This carrier is to be used with US Armor Enforcer vests. 

When ordering the HVC Carrier make sure you have already purchased one of the Enforcer Vests and order a similar size to what US Armor vest you own. If your US Armor was custom made you may also order by calling in and providing the serial numbers of your ballistics. 

Standard Features:

  • 6-point elastic/VELCRO® closure system
  • Removable strap system
  • Shirt Tails