US Armor USC 4410 Uniform Shirt Vest Carrier, Navy, LL, almost new

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USC 4410 Uniform Shirt Vest Carrier, Navy, LL, almost new

This carrier was very minor wear, if any, and has come back to us with in almost new. We have reduced the price to reflect that it is an unsold item.

The carrier does not come with any ID tags and is sold as shown.

Designed for the officer’s comfort by getting their body armor off of their body for increased air circulation and heat management, yet still presents a professional appearance. 
The Uniform Shirt Carrier blends in smartly with your current uniform shirt complete with name tag badge holder, shoulder epaulets, pockets, and buttons and is almost indistinguishable from your standard uniform shirt, even at close distances.
Our Uniform Shirt Carriers are compatible with all of US Armor’s ballistic packages.


  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Two upper pockets:
    • 4410 standard pocket flaps
    • 4411 scalloped pocket flaps
  • Adjustable side closure
  • Badge / name grommets
  • Removable epaulets
  • Compatible with all US Armor ballistic packages

Included Options:

  • Mic tab
  • Three rows of MOLLE front