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Specifics About Body Armor

If I'm wearing body armor, can I still be killed by a bullet?

How do I clean my body armor?

What armor level do I need to be protected from rifle threats?

Is my body armor stab proof?

Will refurbished body armor still stop a bullet?

Can I still use my body armor after the 5 Year warranty date has passed?

Does body armor expire eventually?

Is it legal for me to own body armor?

What is the new NIJ standard (NIJ 0101.07)?

What is the difference between all the ballistic packages and why the big price difference?

What ballistic panel size do I need? What sizes are my panels?

Will my ballistics / armor fit into this carrier?

What size am I? What size do I need?

What is a Manufacturer Ballistic Grade?

What is the difference from one ballistic level to the next? (Ballistic Threat Level Chart)

What measurements do I need to take?

How do I measure myself?

Buying Body Armor From BAO

Can I buy wholesale from BAO to resell?

What if I am an agency that needs to buy on NET 30 terms?

Is this just a carrier or does it come with ballistic protection?

Does this come with 1 or 2 hard armor plates?

Does BAO have any discount codes available?

Discounts: Military, Police, Fire, and EMS

Why doesn’t the site say if the item is in stock or not?

Where are your retail / store locations?

Why should I have to pay for shipping on my return if the site offers free shipping?

What is the return policy if the item doesn’t fit and I want my money back?

What is the return policy if the item doesn’t fit and I want to do an exchange?

What is the lead time for Armor Express products?

Is this item in stock?

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