Sabre Red MK-3 Crossfire 1.5oz GEL

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MK-3 CROSSFIRE 1.5oz Gel

Protect yourself and your family with the same size canister used by professionals.

Protection at a safe distance is a huge advantage of pepper spray. Pepper Gel increases safety with its 18-foot range! Less affected by weather conditions, Pepper Gel's velocity and consistency covers your threat and reduces cross contamination. SABRE RED's Pepper Gel is the same size canister used by professionals such as the NYPD and LA County Sheriff's. Protect yourself and your family at a safe distance with Pepper Gel. 


  • Pepper Gel's velocity and consistency covers your threat.
  • Pepper Gel has an 18-foot range.
  • Reduces cross contamination possibility.


  • Weight:: 1.5 oz / 44.36 ml
  • Contents: Approximately 10 1-second bursts.
  • Distance: Up to 18 feet {5.5 meters}.
  • Spray Pattern: Powerful stream.
  • Point of Aim: Eyes.
  • Spray Pattern Advantage: Reduced area contamination. 

Formulation: SABRE RED USA contains 10% OC measuring 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids, it is a very effective formulation measuring approximately four (4) times stronger than the OC used by many law enforcement agencies which contain only 0.18% Major Capsaicinoids. SABRE RED USA is the strongest formulation legal for sale.

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